Selling Quickly In A Slow Real Estate Market May 2017 – WolfWantsHouses REI group

Being in a position to need to sell your home quickly can be extremely stressful, and of course, that stress will only increase if your home is in one of the slow regions of the country when it comes to the real estate market. Fortunately, you can relieve some of your stress by knowing what options are available to you. There are ways that you can sell quickly if you are willing to think outside the traditional box of hiring an agent at WolfWantsHouses REI group to handle the process for you.

By forgoing a real estate agent you are removing a road block in a sense. While you want to get as much money for your home as possible, you should also remember that the real estate agent does as well.

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They also typically have a number of homes on the market at any given time, meaning that they have a more liquid stream of income and are more interested in getting the highest possible commission over selling the home as fast as possible. They are also distracted by handling numerous clients so it can be very difficult for them to focus on the sale when they have to ensure they are servicing everyone they are managing.

Additionally, it can greatly lower the price that you can accept for your home. By not having the commission factor to worry about you can easily drop the selling price five percent or more. You can also consider the reduction in potential mortgage payments that you will be making on a home that you either no longer need or want. By not listing with an agent you can save yourself at least 3 mortgage payments, if not more.

Once you have made yourself at ease with the idea that you will be managing the sale on your own you will need to work on your own advertising. There are a number of free and low-cost ways to do this such as your local newspaper and craigslist. There are also real estate sites that you can list your home on.

While you are waiting for feedback from these sites you will want to seek out individuals looking to purchase homes for cash on the spot. These opportunities can mean selling your home for less than you would like, but when you factor in your home sitting on the market for months it can actually be quite beneficial. You can also work out deals to not include appliances and other items that you might normally include in a sale to make it more worthwhile to you. The key is to consider every option so that you can make the sale quickly despite living in a slow market.

When you are in a position to need to sell your home quickly it is essential that you know all of your options. Depending on the location your home could sit on the market for months if not over a year. Take everything into account when taking action to sell your home to ensure the quickest sale possible.

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